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Dear Marshall,
First of all, the tour was better than great! You are an amazing guide with an unbelievable wealth of knowledge. You brought the history of Chicago alive for us, you were able to explain and delve into all the wonderful sights that are Chicago. It is obvious that you love what you do and you bring that passion to every single sight in Chicago. I would like to thank you for being helpful, understanding and patient with our group..but mostly, I want to thank you for being a very wonderful and informative guide. In the 40+ years I hae been doing group travel, I have never had a better guide. I know that I speak for every single person in our group.
With many, many thanks to you.."
Joan Goldfaden

Mr. Jacobson... was superb!! He talked non-stop for 90 mins. filled with dates and facts.."
Ann Kelly, CA

A very heartfelt thanks for helping to make our evening very special – many of our guests remarked on your knowledge and told me how much they enjoyed learning things that they didn’t know about our city.  I like that you put your own particular sparkle and spirit into your presentation -it helped encourage a group that were strangers relax nicely, so that by the time we arrived at the Trump, they were able to come together for a productive, yet fun evening! Thanks a bunch ! "

Jennifer Stewart

"Thank you Marshall.  The ladies indicated that your tour was one of the highlights of our trip.  I want to bring my husband and maybe do a private tour.  Thanks again for your contribution in making this a memorable trip."

Pat Banfill, Lone Star Ladies

"On behalf of the Women's Architectural League Foundation, its members, and guests a very gracious thank you. Your presentation and tour dazzled us with your knowledge of the Chicago Exposition. I received numerous calls and rave reviews and wanted to share the accolades with you...Thank you for this incredible history and "walk in history" as well."

Gail Willich, President WALF

"We've returned to the UK safely yesterday. Thank you very much for the wonderful time that we've had in Obama tour. Chicago is a great city and full of interesting places. We all enjoyed it so much that we've told many our friends and families about it. I'm sure they willcontact you soon! Thank you again and wish you all the best for 2009. "

Happy New Year ,
Sunshine, Robin and Anatole

"First, thank you so much for a great visit. It was the highlight of our stay.You were knowledgeable and extremely pleasant. We saw points of interest that we would never otherwise have seen."

Marie-Andrée and Jacques Aimot

"Hi Marshall,
Your tour was the highlight of our trip to Chicago . Amazing! Please send me your address as I am going to make a donation in your honor. Thank you so much again. It was just amazing."

Rhonda Cohen

"We really had a great time.  Thank you so much for showing us Chicago.  It
is such a wonderful and beautiful place.  I have been to Chicago so many
times, but I have never seen the city like I did with your fantastic
guidance.  You are really great - you have such incredible knowledge.
We really enjoyed your company.  Thank you so much for helping make our trip
so wonderful."
Marla Erskin

"Dear Marshall,
Special thanks to you for adding so much to our Chicago visit.  Barney is always mentioning about how his Dad got in free to Wrigley Field after a certain number of innings.  It is a link for him to the memory of his Dad and now it was brought to life and you added so much by telling us about the neighborhood and guiding us, and pointing out things during the bus ride.  We thank you for being so generous with your time and so friendly and accommodating to us.  We are definitely interested in Jewish Chicago (we got the book that you recommended).  What a great program! I am proud that Chicago is my birthplace. Thanks again for your time.  We appreciate it."
Best wishes,
Phyllis and Barney Gilmore

"Hi Marshall...
My apologies for being more than a month late in getting back to you after the WONDERFUL job you did guiding our Family Reunion Tour on July 14.

If you ever need a referral for a similar job, the Schaible Family will gladly provide it. You picked up perfectly on what we were trying to do and fit right in with our group, adding all kinds of valuable extras to the list of sites we asked you to include. For example, I hadn't expected that we could go into the University of Chicago campus, but you got us in and provided very interesting background information on a place I remember well from my childhood. Another big plus -- you handled the bus delay beautifully. Nobody was upset. In fact, we hardly noticed it -- and we easily finished in the allotted time. You were also very flexible, letting my brother and his crew off in Hyde Park so they could follow up with their own adventures.

In short, Marshall , you really did us proud -- and several family members told me that for them the tour was one of the highlights of our 2008 Reunion . My sister, Jane, deserves a round of applause for finding you."
Best wishes and best of luck with your tour business,
Lucy V. Parker

"Thanks, Marshall , we really enjoyed our time with you today too.  What a great city you live in!  I can see why you and all your neighbors are so proud. Best wishes... and hope to see you again in the future."

Katie Yeakle

"Jacobsen has given tours to visitors from throughout the globe..."

"Our guide is Marshall Jacobson, a jovial old-timer full of dates and facts. This tour is much more like a trip uptown with a favourite uncle. Marshall even gives us each a travel pass so we don't have to pay our own bus fares.

...The tour offers a more intimate experience, with the chance to get to know a bit more about the area where the next US president has spent much of his life."

"I decided on a private tour with guide Marshall Jacobson, who tailors trips to individual preferences."

"The personality of Chicago's residents tells you a lot about the city. While New Yorkers are brash and full of themselves, Chicagoans take it down a notch or two. Confident but not arrogant, polite but not obsequious, they're proud of their city (justifiably so)- and more than willing to show off a little about it. My first experience with this public-spirited phenomenon was with Marshall Jacobson. Marshall gave us the 'greatest bits' package covering the birth of the city and its reconstruction following the Great Fire of 1871."

"But for streamlining the itinerary and getting inside the buildings it pays to have someone like Marshall Jacobson by your side. Not a Greeter on earth could be more knowledgeably preoccupied with the subtext of architectural meanings, or so it struck me as Jacobson spouted information with the conviction of Brando doing Stanley Kowalski. His passion proved contagious...."

Travel And Leisure

"Our guide was Marshall Jacobson, an affable, retired, ex Jewish Federation and Jewish Agency guy who likes walking and he loves to tell stories. Jacobson was full of tales."

San Diego Jewish Journal

"Jacobson gave us the scoop on another of Chicago's little gems..."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"Jacobson has chalked up many miles walking the streets of downtown Chicago, admiring the city's classic collection of buildings. An energetic Chicago native, Jacobson, 67, was a natural when we decided to put together a walking tour of the Top 10 Architectural Gems in the downtown area. He gladly accepted the task, with a caveat."